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Castaly Manual End Tenoner SET-S60LB

Castaly Manual End Tenoner SET-S60LB

Castaly Manual End Tenoner SET-S60LB performs cut off, burrs trimming and moulding functions.


  • It performs cut off, burrs trimming, moulding functions.
  • Hand, manual operated clamping and feeding of stock.
  • First the trim saw to cut off the end of stock evenly.
  • Then two moulding, tenon spindles are mounted at the rear of saw enable machine performs edge moulding.
  • Since each head is adjusted independently, a wide variety of tenon can be cut.
  • At the end the cope spindle is provide 6000 RPM cutting allows it features a spindle sharper function.
  • All operations can be accomplished in a single pass of feeding, high efficiency is assured.
  • Powerful industrial motor for maximun cutting capacity.
  • Precision sealed long-life bearing.
  • Heavy cast iron frame and table for durability usage.




Max. Length or Cut

5" (125 mm)

Min. Length of Cut

1.18" (30 mm)

Max. Width of Cut

14.76" (375 mm)

Max. Clamping Thickness

3.54" (90 mm)

Saw Blade Dia.


Saw Arbor Dia.


Saw Blade Speed

4000 RPM

Saw Head Swivel (Degree)

right & left 0.59" (15 mm)

Moulder Spindle

upper & down knives Φ3.86" (Φ98 mm)

Spindle Speed

6000 RPM

Spindle Swivel

right & left 1.57" (40 mm)

Saw Longitudinal Travel

right & left 0.59" (15 mm)

Saw Vertical Travel

up & down 2" (50 mm)

Carriage Cross Travel

65" (1640 mm)

Saw Head Drive

3 HP

Moulder Spindle

3 HP


772 LBS (350 kg)


1058 LBS (480 kg)

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